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Classic Car Repairs and TiresOnly Oldies Garage offers a variety of vintage car services in order to satisfy your classic car's needs. We only work with older cars. They deserve special attention and respect. We understand that when you bring your car to our facility you are entrusting us with your prized possession. As such, we take great care not to harm fragile original parts and expensive paint.

Why Only Oldies? It started when two car nuts shared a longing for the good old days, before "stock" meant a car was equipped with computer chips and catalytic converters. They identified a need in Arizona for a mechanic shop that offers great customer service and isn't afraid to tackle the cars of yesteryear. They also wanted to offer a hands-on experience in the Southwest where Coker Tires could be purchased, mounted, balanced and guaranteed.


Since we are now a part of Steel Dreamz, llc we can offer the services of a full restoration shop as well!!

We Sell Classic Car Tires!!

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